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    Zhongtiaoshan Non-ferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd (hereafter called “ZTS” for short) is located at one of the origins of Cathay civilization, Yuanqu county, Yuncheng city, Shanxi province, which also is home to Shun(one of ancient emperors) and copper. As the major base to produce copper and the biggest copper joint corporation of north China, Zhongtiaoshan is abundant in resources and enjoys easy transportation.
    Established in 1956, ZTS has developed into a big group corporation over half century's construction. She mainly deals with copper exploring and dressing, melting and processing, besides,she also covers the fields of construction installing,machinery manufacturing, prospecting, construction materials, trading and scientific research. So far, ZTS has 10 branches and subsidiaries such as Northern Copper Industry Co., Ltd. The main products have got ISO9001, ISO14001, OH
SAS18001, certificates,and the “zhongtiaoshan” Cu-CATH-1,Cu-CATH-2, registered in shanghai futures exchange ,have won the title of "national free-inspection product" and "Shanxi famous Brand" and sell well in domestic and overseas markets.In 2007,the production capacity has reached to 100000t,and the total asset has reginstered 6.1billion yuan while sales income is 6.36billion yuan. As revealed from annual statistics in 2006,ZTS ranked NO.625 and NO.358 in 1000China biggest corporations competitiveness respectively.
    With advanced technology and standard management, ZTS brought in and improved Ausmelt copper melting skill that is in the lead around the world, and her wet-process copper melting is top ranking in China. Block-caving method skills and equipment research and Designing and research of underground leaching technique of low grade copper that is hard to explore and dress & engineering practice awarded the second National advance in Science &Technology,and the New process of Copper Top blast Smelting and Converting was awarded the first advance in Science&Technology by CNIA.
    At recent years, ZTS pursues opening and cooperating policy. She has cooperated with many international famous corporation such as Ausmelt, BHP and then with SK Networks, and she will keep promoting cooperation with more companies,which will be bound to establish a solid foundation for the rapid development of ZTS.

    During “the Eleventh-five year plan”, ZTS will adhere to scientific concept of development and stick to market-oriented & profit-concerned principle to invest in different ways and create advanced corporate culture. She spares no effort to make the sales income & total assets hit 8 billion yuan Under the strategy of “to make greater progress relying on copper industry,to accelerate development in expanding non--copper industry.” Relying on advanced core technology and comprehensive strength, ZTS is aiming to enter china Top 500 and striving for the goal of “to make greater progress, to build a century- famous copper corporation.”


Zhongtiao mountains nonferrous metal group co., LTD
Contact phone: 0359-6031386 zip code: 043700 fax: 0359-6036927

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